About us

Woodville are a new entrant into the Litigation finance market, having launched their lending products in May 2019.

Woodville offers fair and flexible policies designed with the client at the forefront, thus enabling claims to be brought on the client's behalf. Woodville specialises in creative, flexible and cost-effective arbitration and litigation funding solutions for law firms, businesses and individuals.

Woodville offers UK law firms short term tailored loans of up to 12 months with a fixed interest. We are looking to develop partnerships with firms of all types and sizes and can consider financing current caseloads.

Woodville has identified a significant gap in the market whereby Solicitors practices cannot fund the cases available to them, nor their disbursements. Such cases are then not taken up, but by funding the WIP, disbursements and associated costs the Solicitor now has means to take on the case.

Upon case settlement, the loan is fully repaid prior to client receipt and sent directly to Woodville from the Solicitor.

It is expected such loans would be for a period of 6-9 months. Using the assignment rights over each claim / case along with associated insurance, substantially reduces the risk of default to a figure of less than 1% per annum, with any default being absorbed by Woodville.

Woodville operates in a market where traditional bank funding routes are generally not available. Strict and detailed underwriting is carried out on each Solicitor through whom we offer the loan facility. Equally strict lending decisions are made based on Company history, turnover claim history etc. Where Woodville loans are made available, the Solicitor is then able to proceed with the case.

Woodville is a responsible lender who promotes its lending business through a series of targeted marketing initiatives in parallel with the insurer. Woodville has been approached by many UK Solicitors with requests to fund cases they cannot fund from elsewhere. Woodville is looking to increase the size of its loan book to satisfy this increasing demand.